Seven Hills Running Club
Huntsville, Texas

Club Members


Click HERE for an Application for Membership (pdf format) in the SHRC.

New Memberships: Submit an Application for Membership and dues to the address on the form or at a club event. See the dues schedule on the form and submit that amount in cash or check payable to the SHRC.

Renewals: To avoid a lapse in membership, please renew your membership before the expiration date shown in the last column below. If there is no change to member names, addresses, phone numbers or email addresses, mail only your check to: SHRC, P. O. Box 6804, Huntsville, TX 77342-6804. You can also submit your check or cash to one of the club officers at a club event.
If there are changes, please indicate the changes on an Application for Membership and submit the form with your check.
The annual dues are $5 for students, $7 for singles and $10 for families. To avoid the annual hassle, you may wish to consider renewing for multiple years.

Email Addresses: The club president sends out the monthly email newsletter to all members. If you are a member and are not getting that email, please notify the SHRC Registrar. Click HERE to send an email.

Questions: Any questions concerning membership should also be addressed to the Registrar.

Member Name Location


Expiration Date

Steve Allen Huntsville 12/31/2017
Morgan and James Ashworth Huntsville 12/31/2016
Curtis, Debbie, Oliver and Miles Barton The Woodlands 12/31/2018
Jenny Batchelor Huntsville 12/31/2017
Gabrielle Beaty Huntsville 12/31/2017
Brian Belanger Huntsville 12/31/2017
Steve, Cathy, Jacob, Justin & Ashley Bickford Casey Richards Huntsville 12/31/2017
Jillian "Jill" Blake Huntsville 12/31/2016
Janet Bouchard Willis 12/31/2017
James and Jennifer Bruce Huntsville 12/31/2017
Brent and Susan Butler Coldspring 12/31/2017
Dan Byrne Huntsville 12/31/2018
Patricia (Trisha) Capps Huntsville 12/31/2017
Glen Carter Huntsville 12/31/2017
Patsy and Roger Collins Huntsville 12/31/2017
John and Kathy Cook Huntsville 12/31/2017
Esther and Keanu Cousins Huntsville 12/31/2017
Sylvia Culver Huntsville 12/31/2016
Melissa Davis Willis 12/31/2017
Jennifer, Brad and Barbara Didier Huntsville 12/31/2016
Marvin Dittfurth Midway 12/31/2017
Doug and Dee Dee Dretke Huntsville 12/31/2022
Mary Driskell Lovelady 12/31/2017
Robert Duncan Baton Rouge, LA 12/31/2017
Kevin, Anitra, Cade, Hutton, Callaway and Toben Edney Huntsville 12/31/2016
Jon Eells Huntsville 12/31/2017
Danny and Donna Freeman Point Blank 12/31/2017
Amie Fish Houston 12/31/2018
Jerry Flanagan Madisonville 12/31/2017
Dana Formon and Christopher Shank Huntsville 12/31/2017
Chase. Amy and Madison Foster Huntsville 12/31/2018
Emily, Randy, Dawson and Brady Garner Huntsville 12/31/2018
Gene and Shiela Gaskins Huntsville 12/31/2017
Jacob, Lisa, Megan and Hailey Gautreaux Huntsville 12/31/2018
Shellie Geer Huntsville 12/31/2017
Darren, Marsie, Sheridan and Tammany Grant Huntsville 12/31/2020
Terrie Grivich Huntsville 12/31/2016
J. C. Guzman Huntsville 12/31/2017
Brandon Harrison Huntsville 12/31/2018
Dominick and Susan Hayes Huntsville 12/31/2019
Carter Helm Huntsville 12/31/2016
Craig, Susan, Calvin and Lydia Henderson Huntsville 12/31/2017
Esther Herklotz New Braunfels 12/31/2017
Vicki and Pat Hogan Huntsville 12/31/2017
Cecilia, Eric and Valencia Horton Huntsville 12/31/2017
Becca Houts Aurora, CO 12/31/2018
Alvin Ingalla Huntsville 12/31/2016
Douglas, Shelby and Hunter Jaeger Montgomery 12/31/2017
Hans and Linda Jaeger Conroe 12/31/2017
Adam, Mary and Elijah Jenke
Jeffrey Johnson
Ken, Marilynn, Lisa and Ben and Johnson
Jason, Melanie, Patrick, Branden and Jadyn Justice
Point Blank
Leah Koester Point Blank 12/31/2016
Bill and Ann Kuhn Huntsville 12/31/2019
Gary Kroll Conroe 12/31/2017
Jocelyn Lam Magnolia 12/31/2018
Katy Lampson Huntsville 12/31/2018
Susan and Jerry Landry, Sean Root, Michael and Ayden Leonardt Baton Rouge, LA 12/31/2017
Mike, Kirstie, Sophia and Gabrielle Legerski Huntsville 12/31/2017
Patrick Lewis Huntsville 12/31/2017
Monica Lopez Huntsville 12/31/2016
Cynthia Luna, Landon Fox, John Johnson, Cecilia and Carlos Cortez Huntsville 12/31/2016
Marco Martinez Livingston 12/31/2016
Lara McCain Huntsville 12/31/2016
Sara McCullough Lovelady 12/31/2017
Scott, Laura and Aaron McDonald Huntsville 12/31/2017
Jeff McGuire Huntsville 12/31/2016
Mary Meaux Llano 12/31/2016
Heath, Evangelista, Allyson, Lance, Faith and Lucas Miner Conroe 12/31/2019
Jose, Leticia, Erick, Sandy, Blake and Gael Moreno Huntsville 12/31/2017
Heidi Morse Huntsville 12/31/2016
Laura, Patrick and Brant Nelson Huntsville 12/31/2017
Skipper Nethery Huntsville 12/31/2017
Yurico (Judy) Ojeda and Carla, Vanesa and Veronica Villanueva Livingston 12/31/2016
Don Ortloff Point Blank 12/31/2017
Jan Parks Point Blank 12/31/2017
Cynthia Pate Huntsville 12/31/2016
Steve, Angie, Allen and Adan Pecina Huntsville 12/31/2017
Steve and Rosie Prusz Huntsville 12/31/2017
Paulina Puente Huntsville 12/31/2016
Trudy Regnier and George Roffe The Woodlands 12/31/2016
April Russell Huntsville 12/31/2016
Angelina Santos Huntsville 12/31/2016
Michael Schaefer College Station 12/31/2017
Sheri, David, Peggy, Heidi, Brittany and Ceceilia Scheier Montgomery 12/31/2017
Tracy, Dean, Dylan, Dyson and Davis Shaub Huntsville 12/31/2016
Loren Sheffer Houston 12/31/2017
Nathan, Sherry, Nate, Noah and Nash Sheppard Huntsville 12/31/2017
Darryl and Anna Shreves Midway 12/31/2016
Anne Sigler Huntsville 12/31/2016
Julie Simmons Huntsville 12/31/2016
Shelby and Tabitha Simms Pollok 12/31/2016
John Slate and Gina Viglietti and Sarah and Rachel The Woodlands 12/31/2017
Jody Slaughter New Waverly 12/31/2017
Colleen, Casey, James Carl, Cherish, Josh and Crystal Spencer
Rene', Clint, Chris and Rachel Talley Splendora 12/31/2016
Bill Thompson Conroe 12/31/2017
Jose and Haley Torres and Francisco Manzanares Trinity 12/31/2016
Malissa and Jon Tremont and Ezeckiel Valdez Waco 12/3/12017
Cesar, Laura, Kylie, Ethan and Farrah Trevino Conroe 12/31/2017
Jessica Twardeski Huntsville 12/31/2017
Anthony Turner Huntsville 12/31/2017
Kathleen Utecht Huntsville 12/31/2019
Crystal, Paul, Drake and Katelynn Valderez Livingston 12/31/2016
Giovanni Valdivia Huntsville 12/31/2017
Kim, Haley and Tyler VanWagner New Waverly 12/31/2016
Kristy, Charlie, Jensen and Madilyn Vienne Huntsville 12/31/2018
Cheri, Emily, Amanda, Jennifer and Diedre Villines Huntsville 12/31/2017
Matt, Stacy, Jaron and Sierra Wagner Huntsville 12/31/2016
Jason Wallace Huntsville 12/31/2019
Jon and Waverly Walk Spring 12/31/2017
Jennifer, Charles, Bailey, Lance, Denton and Hudson Walker Huntsville 12/31/2016
Diedre, Scott, Caylem and Cordylia Ware New Waverly 12/31/2016
Thomas, Rachel, Emily and Allie Warren Huntsville 12/31/2016
Bill, Amy, Benjamin, Ellen and Margaret Wells Conroe 12/31/2017
Courtney West Willis 12/31/2016
Maria and Keith Wicker Huntsville 12/31/2016
Margie Wilkins Huntsville 12/31/2022
Robert, Karin, Synneve, Elisa, Faith, Evelyn and Kathleen Williams Huntsville 12/31/2016
Julia Woods Huntsville 12/31/2016
Joshua Yates Huntsville 12/31/2016
Brian Zemlicka and Leslee and Becca Cade Huntsville 12/31/2018
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