Seven Hills Running Club
Huntsville, Texas


Marathon Honor Roll

It has been estimated that only one percent of all runners ever run a marathon. If that is so, the Seven Hills Running Club has more than its share and this honor roll is intended to recognize the Club members who have achieved that goal. A marathon is always 26.2 miles. Any race longer than that is referred to as an ultra-marathon. For example, a 50K is 31 miles. As any runner would know, running those distances requires not only physical conditioning, it requires mental strength and determination. Congratulations to the following members of the Seven Hills Running Club:

Bill Moeller  243


Bridget Moeller  162


John Slate  113

Ken Johnson  101

Jon Walk  56


Hans Jaeger  49

Loren Sheffer  36

Marvin Dittfurth   32

Jerry Flanagan   26

Jacob Gautreaux  25

  1. Marathons: 20

J. C. Guzman  21

Jody Slaughter  16

Maria Wicker  16


Melissa Davis  13


Steve Prusz  13

Darryl Shreves  13


Amy Wells 12

Jan Parks   11

Becca Houts  10

Jose Moreno  10

Jason Wallace  10

Brian Zemlicka  10

Curtis Barton  9

Bill Wells  7

Don Ortloff  5


Katy Lampson   4

Steve Allen 3

Robert Duncan   3

James Spencer  3

Dan Byrne  2

Skipper Nethery  2


Cindy Pate  2

Angelina Santos  2


Christopher Shank 2

Cherish Spencer  2

Dana Formon  1

Donna Freeman  1

Doug Jaeger   1

Susan Landry   1

Colleen Spencer  1

Crystal Spencer  1

Josh Spencer  1

Giovanni Valdivia  1


Page Updated: 10/9/2017