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At the Races - 2009

Texas Trail Run 50K, Huntsville State Park, December 5


                                John Loftus                                                                 Chris Wilson

Ken Johnson

Run Thru the Woods, The Woodlands, November 26


                              Robert Duncan                                                        James Spencer

Allison, Holden and Alexander Choi

Ken and Ben Johnson

Kats for the Cause 5K, Huntsville, November 14


  Finish line volunteers, Glen Carter and Ken Johnson                   Courtney West

Courtney West, Robert Duncan, Adrienne Werner and John Slate

Rocky Raccoon Trail Run, Huntsville State Park, November 7


Robert Duncan

Helen Klein Classic 50K, Sacramento, CA, October 31

Norman Klein, Ken Johnson and Helen Klein

Baton Rouge Urban Adventure Race, July 25

Robert Duncan, Connie and Robert's sister, Susan.

Dog Days 5K & 1-Mile Run/Walk, Huntsville, July 25

Sunday Night 5K, The Woodlands, Jun 28

Ken Johnson

Sunday Night 5K, The Woodlands, June 21

Mary Sweeten

June Bug 5K & 1-Mile Run/Walk, Huntsville, June 20

Charles Walker, Jennifer Johnston, Brian Zemlicka, Leslee Cade, Patsy Collins, Norman Langwell, James Spencer, John Cook, Casey Spencer, Mariah Reynolds, Taylor Krischke, Curtis Langwell, John Slate and J. C. Guzman.

Congress Avenue Mile, Austin, June 7

Jesse Parker ran the course in 5:28.

Chasing the Lions Half Marathon, Temple, May 23

Anne Sigler, 75, flanked by her daughters.  Anne finished the half marathon in 3:46:17.

Run the Woodlands, The Woodlands, May 23

Sarah Vogelspiel, Mariah Reynolds, Ken Johnson, Lori Greer and Mary Sweeten

Tour de Bayou Stage 5, Houston, April 30

John Cook, Ken Johnson, Leslee Cade, Brian Zemlicka

Misty Baugh at the Oklahoma City Marathon, April 26


Country Music Half Marathon, Nashville, TN, April 25

Alan Jenkin, 76, finished in 3:46:02.

Spring Fling 5K, Huntsville, April 25

Ken Johnson, Melissa Mugno, Sarah Spielvogel, Marilynn Johnson, Brian Zemlicka, Anne Sigler,

Leslee Cade, John Cook,Andie Ho, Courtney Winston, Darren Grant, Jerry Flanagan, Jacob Gautreaux

Leslee Cade and Brian Zemlica

Melissa Mugno and Sarah Spielvogel

Darren Grant, Race Director

Oxfam 100K Trailwalk, New Zealand, April 4 & 5

John Loftus (2nd from left) and his team.

Adrienne Langelier at the Muddy Trails 5K in The Woodlands, April 4

Adrienne was the first female with a time of 19:00.

  On the right is Melissa Keith, who was the second female.

Tyler Azalea 10K, March 28

Jerry Flanagan

Ronald Run for a Reason 5K, Huntsville, March 21

Robert Duncan, Hans Jaeger, Andie Ho and Jerry Flanagan


       Hans Jaeger                                                             Rachel and John Slate

Ken Johnson completed the Seabrook

Lucky Trail Marathon on March 15 in 5:50:15.

Jon Walk was the announcer for the Seabrook Lucky Trail Marathon.

Norman Langwell, Mary Sweeten, Tom Reynolds and Ken Johnson

at the Glow 5K night run at College Station on February 27.

Ben Harvie won his age group at the

Park to Park 5 Miler in Houston on

February 21.

Team Tommy 5K, Panorama Villiage, February 7

                                                    Hans Jaeger

Mary Sweeten

Robert Duncan, Jerry Flanagan, Mary Sweeten and Ken Johnson

Mikki Novak and Mary Patterson and others at the Disney Marathon

on January 11.

Waverly and Jon Walk at the Texas Marathon in Kingwood

on January 1.  The guy in the middle is the coach who lost

to USC in the Rose Bowl later that day.

Ken Johnson wearing his 2.2 pound finisher medal

at the Texas Marathon.

Updated: 08/18/2018