Seven Hills Running Club
Huntsville, Texas

Articles from our Members

To Munch On a Polish Pickle and Sip On a Couple of Piwos!, by Chris Wilson (July 2006)

A Nice Little Run in the Desert, by Chris Wilson (April 2006)

An Interview with Jon Walk, by Len Hill (April 2006)

Howdy from Utah's Dixie:  An Expatriate Texan Partakes in Possibly the Country's Best Marathon, by Marvin Seale

My First 5K, by Valerie Johnson

Half-Baked, by Jon Walk

The Sunmart Experience, by Ken Johnson

Interview with Frank Shorter and Bill Rogers, by Len Hill

Streaking in Texas, by Ken Johnson

A First Marathon, by Christopher Wilson

How I Lost 80 Pounds, by Melissa Broussard

Updated: 04/23/2009