Seven Hills Running Club
Huntsville, Texas

At the Races - 2016

January - June


Jalapeno Half Marathon, Fort Worth, June 26

Julie Simmons


Capt'n Karl 30K, Pedernales State Park, Johnson City, June 25

Jacob Gautreaux, Becca Houts and Jason Wallace



Baton Rouge Urban Adventure Race, June 25

Sean Landry, Susan Landry and Robert Duncan


Leadville Trail Marathon, CO, June 18

John Slate (green shirt)


Spartan Sprint, Dallas, June 18

Tracy Schaub, Dyson Schaub, Shawn Lane, Jill Blake and Traci Mabry


June Bug 5K, Huntsville, June 18


Wicked Wine Run, 5K, June 11

Steve Allen


Yellowstone Half Marathon, WY, June 11

Kerry and James Spencer



Hornet 5K, Huntsville, June 11

Cindy Pate


Yellowstone 5K, WY, June 10

Kerry and James Spencer


Milk Run, 5K, Sulphur Springs, June 10

Steve Allen


Grand Teton Half Marathon, Jackson, WY, June 4

James Spencer, Cherish Spencer and Kerry Spencer

Polkafest 10K, Ennis, May 28

Steve Allen

Greek Fest 5K, New Orleans, May 27

Sean Landry, Susan Landry and Robert Duncan

Wicked Wine Run, 5K, Waller, May 21

Cindy Pate and Jessica Twardeski

Impact a Hero 5K, Katy, May 21

Courtney West

Funfest Run by the Bay 10K, Texas City, May 21

Steve and Cathy Bickford

Five-O 5K Color Run, Huntsville, May 21

Cindy Pate and Jessica Twardeski

Marilynn Johnson

Ben and Ken Johnson

Gator Chase Run, 5K & 1-Miles, Kingwood, May 15

James and Jordyn Spencer

NORAD Half Marathon, Cheyenne Mountain State Park, Colorado Springs, CO, May 15

John Slate

Whipering Pines 50K, Tyler State Park, May 14

Melissa Davis

TriGirl Sprint Triathlon, Houston, May 8

Cherish Spencer, Kerry Spencer and Crystal Fain

Hatchie50 Marathon, Waxahachie, May 7

Joshua Yates

Mt. Charleston Half Marathon, Las Vegas, NV, May 7

Maria Wicker

Wildflower Half Marathon, Bastrop State Park, May 7

Melissa Davis

Julie Simmons

Monica Lopez

Cindy Pate and Jessica Twardeski

Fredonia 10K, Nacogdoches, May 7

Sara McCullough

Super Hero Dash, 4-Miler, Baton Rouge, May 7

Susan Landry and Robert Duncan

Madrid Marathon, Madrid, Spain, April 24

Maria Wicker

GermanFest 5K, Muenster, April 24

Carter Helm

Diva Half Marathon, Galveston, April 24

Laura Green

Messina Hof Wine & Roses Half Marathon, Bryan, April 24

John Slate and Sara Whitehead

Happys 5000, 5K, Baton Rouge, April 23

Robert Duncan

Bear Chase Marathon, Groveton, April 23

Monica Lopez

Julie Simmons

Brazos Bend 50, Brazos Bend State Park, Needville, April 16

Melissa Davis

Jessica Twardeski and Cindy Pate

Big Star Half Marathon, Frisco, April 16

Ken Johnson

Bellaire Trolley Run, 5K, Bellaire, April 9

Dan Byrne

Fat Boy 5K, Baton Rouge, April 9

Susan Landry and Robert Duncan

Austin 10/20, 10-Miles, Austin, April 3

Laura and Glenn Green

Crescent City Classic, 10K, New Orleans, March 26

Sean Landry, Susan Landry and Robert Duncan

Green 6.2, 10K, Houston, March 26

Maria Wicker

Rock n Roll Half Marathon, Dallas, March 20

Maria Wicker

Run Houston 5K, Minute Maid Park, March 19

Donna Fabian

Providence Corporation Cup, 2.85 miles, Baton Rouge, March 19

Robert Duncan, Susan Landry and Sean Landry

Longview Half Marathon, Longview, March 12

Ken Johnson

Spartan Sprint, 4.5 miles, 22 obstacles, Houston, March 12

Karen Tallant and Kelly Bielamowicz


Tracy Schaub                                   Karen Tallant

Tracy Schaub and Shawn Lane

San Felipe Shootout, 5K, 10K, Half Marathon (run all three), San Felipe, March 12

Melissa Davis

Julie Simmons

SHRC president, April Russell, presents plaque to Physical Therapy Associates for

their support of the club and running in Huntsville, March 10


Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital 10K, Baton Rouge, March 6

Robert Duncan and Susan Landry

Run for the Heart 5K, Port Canaveral, FL, March 5

Darren Grant

Illumination 5K, Austin, March 5

Kelly Bielamowicz and Karen Tallant

Rock n Roll Half Marathon, New Orleans, February 28

Julie Simmons

Republic of Texas Run, College Station, February 27

Connie Mathis and Misty Lampson

Ken Johnson, Cindy Pate and Jessica Twardeski

Rodeo Run, Houston, February 27


Dan Byrne                                        Jose Moreno

Cathy and Steve Bickford

Millican Trail Run, College Station, February 27


Jason Wallace                                       Jason Wallace and Dana Formon

Space City 10-Miler, Houston, February 21

Dan Byrne

Texas Park Series, Half & Quarter Marathon, Spring, February 21

Ken Johnson

Cindy Pate and Jessica Twardeski

Surfside Beach Marathon and Half Marathon, Surfside Beach, February 20


Melissa Davis                                      Ken Johnson

Sweetheart 5K, Huntsville, February 20

Valentine Relay, 4 Miles, Tuscon, AZ, February 14

Trudy Regnier and George Roffe

Austin Half Marathon, Austin, February 14

Maria Wicker

Rhythm & Blues Half Marathon, Houston, February 14

Melissa Davis

Cupid 5K, Galveston, February 14

Steve Bickford

Rocky Raccoon 50-Miler, Huntsville State Park, February 13

Amy and Bill Wells

Jon and Malissa Tremont

Mardi Gras Mambo 10K, Batron Rouge, February 13

Robert Duncan and Susan Landry

Sunday Night 5K, The Woodlands, Febraury 7

James Spencer, Curtis Barton, Danny Freeman and Donna Fabian

All America City 10K, Edinburg, February 6

Ken Johnson

Rocky Raccoon 100-Miler, Huntsville State Park, February 6

Brian Zemlicka

Katy Half Marathon, Katy, February 6

Terrie Grivich

Hog Wild Trail Run, Bremond, January 30

Ken Johnson and Giovanni Valdivia

Louisiana Half Marathon, Baton Rouge, January 17

Susan Landry

Louisiana Quarter Marathon, Baton Rouge, January 16

Robert Duncan and Sean Landry

Sunday Night 5K, The Woodlands, January 3

Ken Johnson, Donna Fabian, Curtis Barton, Danny Freeman and Jordyn and James Spencer

Bob and Ron's 5K, Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

John Slate

Wilderness 10-Miler, St. Francisville, LA, January 2

Susan Landry

Robert Duncan and Susan Landry

Texas Marathon and Half Marathon, Kingwood, January 1


Trudy Regnier                                           Ken Johnson


George Roffe                                                  Jacob Gautreaux

Jacob Gautreaux and Jason Wallace

Cindy Pate, Jessica Twardeski and April Russell

Run Houston Sam Houston Race Park 5K, January 1

Danny Freeman, Donna Fabian and James Spencer



































































































































































































































































































































































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