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At the Races - 2007

Jerry Flanagan finishes the White

Rock Marathon in Dallas and

qualifies for Boston by 3 seconds.

Katy Lampson making her marathon debut at the White Rock Marathon in Dallas.


Katy Lampson , Jon Walk, Ken Johnson, and Sara Lange at the

Run the Woodlands on November 24, 2007.

These four SHRC members completed the Montgomery

County Triple (three races in Montgomery County in three days).

Katy Lampson with her pine cone trophy for running the Montgomery County Triple.

Sara Lange with her pine cone trophy.

Sara Lange, Katy Lampson and Ken Johnson at the

Conroe Turkey Trot, November 23, 2007

Ken Johnson, Chuck Nagel, Sara Lange and Katy Lampson

at the Run the Woods 5-Miler in The Woodlands, November 22, 2007

Left Over Turkey Run 10K and 5K, Huntsville


Norman Langwell Jr and son, Colton Langwell, along with John Cook brave the rain and cold in the Saturday morning run.

Jon Walk and Ken Johnson at the Tyler Half Marathon

on November 17

Rick Cook at Arkansas Traveler 100 Mile Trail Run, Oct. 6 & 7


        At Mile 17 Aid Station                                    Finishing in 22:45:29 (10th place overall)

October 27, 2007.  Jon Walk finishing up Leg 12 near the Weimar exit on I-10
in a dry run of the Texas Independence Relay to be held March 1 & 2, 2008.

Marvin Dittfurth after the Wool Capital Triathlon

in San Angelo on August 12, 2007

Sarah and Brian Sell (Olympic Qualifier) with SHRC members,

Waverly and Jon Walk, at the Liberty Days 5K in Roaring

Springs, PA on July 13, 2007

Dog Days 5K in Huntsville, July 28, 2007.

Front Row:  Alex Mescall, Rachel Mescall, Josh Holden.  Back:  Hans Jaeger, Thomas Mescall, Ron Davis, Ruth Mescall, Mary Ann Davis, Curtis Barton and Robert Duncan.

Mescall Family at the Dog Days 5K in Huntsville, July 28, 2007.

Rachel, Alex, Thomas and Ruth.

Cucumber Run, 5K, Bremond, May 19, 2007. 

Jerry Flanagan, Ken Johnson, True Cousins and Ben Johnson

Jerry Flanagan at the Cucumber 5K in Bremond.

Rick Cook on the top of Pinnacle Mountain at the Ouachita Trail 50-Miler, Little Rock, April 21, 2007

Run the Trails 5K, Huntsville State Park, March 25, 2007

Curtis Barton, John Cook, Phillip Clark, Ron Davis, Mary Ann Davis, Sara Seale, Robert Duncan, Esther Cousins, True Cousins, Niki Swearingen, Marilynn Johnson and Nick Bellnoski.


            Joey and Lindsey Boeller                                 J. C. Guzman

Jan Parks at the wet and muddy Hog's Hunt 50K at the Huntsville State Park


Hans Jaeger and Ken Johnson at the Surfside Beach Marathon

in Surfside Beach, Texas on February 10, 2007

Jerry Flanagan at the 2007 Houston Marathon

Updated: 08/18/2018