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Texas Independence Relay

(Gonzales to San Jacinto Monument, 203 miles)

March 7 and 8, 2009

Natali Davis, Ken Johnson, Gary Kunkel, Norman Langwell

and Pat Morein at the Shiner Brewry in Shiner.

Adrienne Langelier

Katy Lampson passing off to Jeremy Webb

Pat Morein passing off to Ken Johnson

Bill Dwyer and Governor Rick Perry

Melissa Stelter


Natali Davis

Misty Baugh, Robin Kaitschuck and teammates

Jon Walk tagging the team van.

Katy Lampson, Melissa Stelter, Allyson York and Jon Walk

Holden Choi

Katy Lampson passing off to Adrienne Langelier

Robin Kaitschuck

Gary Kunkel, Ken Johnson, Natali Davis, Kori Estrada, Norman Langwell and Pat Morein

Misty Baugh

Natali Davis napping in Memorial Park in Houston

Ralph Davis, Ken Johnson, Gary Kunkel and Natali Davis

Misty Baugh

Norman Langwell

Ken Johnson

Norman Langwell

Holden Choi

Natali Davis

Updated: 04/29/2009