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Seven Hills Running Club

At the Races - 2012


Day After the End of the World Half Marathon, Humble, December 22

Rene' Talley

Run the Woodlands 5K, The Woodlands, December 22

Steve and Cathy Bickford

Willis Wildkat 5K, Willis, December 15

Donna Fabian, Courtney West and Ken and Marilynn Johnson


                Chris and Brianna Zemlicka                                   Courtney West and Jon Walk

Gingerbread Jog 5K, Baton Rouge, LA, December 15

Robert Duncan

RunGirl13.1, Half Marathon, Houston, December 9

Angie Taylor and Leah Mulligan

Rene' Talley and her Sister-in-Law

BCS Marathon and Half Marathon, College Station, December 9


                  Jill Blake                                                              Ken Johnson

Jody Slaughter

Woman's 10K, Baton Rouge, LA, December 9

Susan Landry

Jingle Bell 5K, Livingston, December 8

Don Ortloff, Jan Parks and Donna Fabian

Graffiti Run, 5K, Houston, December 2


                 Jennifer Bruce                                                      James Bruce

Texas Trail Endurance Run, Huntsville State Park, December 1

Ken Johnson, Becca Houts and J. C. Guzman

Christmas in the Pines 5K, Huntsville, December 1

Donna Fabian and Jan Parks

Leftover Turkey Run, Huntsville, November 24

10K winners, Karin Williams and Jacob Gautreaux

Run Thru the Woods 5 Miler, The Woodlands, November 22

Ken Johnson, Jill Blake and James Bruce

Turkey Trot 5K, Temple, November 22

Glenn Green and his brother

The Christmas Mile & 5K at Santa's Wonderland, College Station, Nov. 17

Karen Tallant, Kelly Bielamowicz, Glenn Green and Laura Green

Ablemarle Foundation Employee 5K, Baton Rouge, LA, November 16

Susan Landry

Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon, San Antonio, November 11


        Craig and Susan Henderson                             Connie Mathis-Nelson, Katy Lampson and Misty Lampson

Soldier Marathon, Fort Benning, GA, November 10

Ken Johnson

Run the Woodlands 5K, The Woodlands, November 10

Jose Torres

Running to Shine 5K, Huntsville, November 10

Donna Fabian, Glenn Green and Cindy Pate

Texas 10 Series, 10 Miles, Conroe, November 3

DeeDee Dretke

Rocky Raccoon Trail Run, Huntsville State Park, November 3

Donna Fabian, Robert Duncan and Susan Landry

Toughest 10K, Galveston, October 20

Space City 10 Miler, Clear Lake, October 14

Leah Koester

10 for Texas, 10 Miles, The Woodlands, October 13

Steve Bickford

Great Muddy Escape 5K, Huntsville, October 13

Kristy Vienne and Donna Fabian

Sunday Night 5K, The Woodlands, October 7

Curtis Barton

Tyler Rose Marathon, Tyler, October 7


               Rene' Talley                                                  Ken Johnson

Buffalo Stampede, Bryan, October 6

Donna Fabian

Rockwall Rib Rub and Run, Rockwall, October 6

Steve Bickford

Run to the Son 5K, Montgomery, September 29

James Bruce, Jose Torres, John Slate, Ken Johnson and Robert Duncan

Run for Recovery 5K, Houston, September 23


Leah Koester

Military Ruck March, 8 Miles, Huntsville State Park, September 22

Kristy Vienne and her team, Steve Thompson, C. J. Looney and Emmett Rumfield

Woodforest Charity Run, Conroe, September 22


                 Kas Kramer and StevenWright                           Robert Duncan and Judy Hufstetler

Fall Run Run, 10K and 5K, Huntsville, September 22




Rose City Triathlon, Tyler, September 15

Marvin Dittfurth

CASA Superhero 5K, Montgomery County, September 15


                  Emily Garner                                                       Dawson Garner

Toughest 10K Kemah, September 15

Steve Bickford and Glenn Green

Buffalo Stampede 5K, Buffalo, September 15

Ken Johnson and Jill Blake

Gruene Hall 10K, New Braunfels, September 8

Mary Jenke and Ken Johnson

Run the Woodlands 5K, The Woodlands, September 8

Steve Bickford, Cathy Bickford, John Slate, Donna Fabian and Robert Duncan

Sunday Night 5K, The Woodlands, September 2

Donna Fabian and Ken Johnson

Davy Crockett Invitational Cross-Country 5K, Crockett, September 1

Jose Torres and Francisco Manzanaras

Beneezy Purple Monkey 5K, Alvin, September 1


                   John Slate                                                              Robert Duncan

Heat Wave 5K, Huntsville, August 25


                  Darren Grant, Race Director                               Donna and Chuck Fabian

Jose Torres and Emily Villines, Winners

Pikes Peak Ascent (13.32 miles), Colorado, August 18

Jason Wallace

Watermelon 5K for the Fallen, Hempstead, August 18

Robert Duncan and Ken Johnson

TriGirl Triathlon, Houston, August 12

Courtney West (left) and her relay team.

Sand Crab 10K, Galveston, August 11

Craig Henderson

Rock Island 4-H Watermelon Festival 5K, Hempstead, July 21

Robert Duncan and Ken Johnson

Dog Days 5K & 1-Mile Run, Huntsville, July 14

Freedom 5K, Nacogdoches, July 7

Marilynn Johnson, Ken Johnson and Donna Fabian

Bud Heat Wave 5-Miler, Baytown, July 4


               Kristy Vienne                                                        Kristy and her daughters

Stu's Country Mile 5K, Centerville, July 4

Skipper Nethery, Fernando Gonzalez, Jerry Flanagan and Leah Koester


                  Ken Johnson                                                      Robert Duncan


                 True Cousins                                                     Leah Koester and Ruth Fields

Skipper Nethery

At the Town Cafe after the race

Ashley Harvill joins the Seven Hills Running Club, July 3

Ashley Harvill, a regular runner with the group at Huntsville State Park, joined the club.  She paid her $5 student membership dues to club treasurer, Ken Johnson

I Ran Marathons 50K, San Antonio, July 1

John Slate, 1st place overall

Sunday Night 5K, The Woodlands, July 1


                Leah Koester                                                        Ken Johnson

Keep Austin Wierd 5K, Austin, June 23

Jocelyn Shaw, left, and her sister, Crystal, and a regular guy from Austin.

Run the Woodlands 5K, The Woodlands, June 23

Cathy and Steve Bickford and Granddaughter, Kylie

Gator Bait Trail Run, Huntsville State Park, June 17

Leah Koester, Jacob Gautreaux, Craig Henderson and Susan Henderson

Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race, June 15, 16 and 17


Becca Houts

Terra Firma Adventure Race, Huntsville State Park, June 16

Robert Duncan, Aaron McDonald and Scott McDonald

June Bug 5K, Huntsville, June 16


          Race Director, Darren Grant                                Winners, Kas Kramer and Jose Torres

Kacie Mitchell, Julian Thorn and Michelle Mitchell

Mud Maxx, Humble, June 9

Hans, Hunter and Douglas Jaeger

Run the Woodlands, The Woodlands, June 9

Robert Duncan, Cathy Bickford, James Spencer, Steve Bickford, Jacob Gautreaux,

Pricilla Sotelo and Jacob Bickford

Beach to Bay Relay Marathon, Corpus Christi, May 19

Steve Bickford (2nd from left) and other members of his relay team.

TriGirl Super Sprint Duathlon, Houston

Courtney West

Sunday Night 5K, The Woodlands, May 6

Curtis Barton, Callye Bennett, Leah Koester and Ken Johnson

Run2Luv, 2.4 Miles, Conroe, May 5

John Slate and Robert Duncan

Spring Fling 5K, Elkins Lake, Huntsville, April 28

Marilynn Johnson and Patsy Collins

Quachita 50-Mile Trail Run, Arkansas, April 21

Jacob Gautreaux

Footprints on Earth 5K, College Station, April 21

Ken Johnson, Amy Hambright and Robert Duncan

Hogs Hunt Trail Run, Huntsville State Park, April 14


            Callye Bennett                                                    Robert Duncan

Crescent City Classic 10K, New Orleans, April 7

Robert Duncan and his sister, Susan Landry

Oxfam 100K Trailwalker, New Zealand, March 31

John Loftus (far left) and his team.

Texas Independence Relay, Bastrop to San Jacinto, March 31

J. C. Guzman

Longtom Ultra, 56K (34.8 miles), South Africa, March 31

Josh Spencer

10K Run Honoring Victims of Violent Crime, Livingston State Park, March 31

Ken Johnson, Kristy Vienne and Steve Bickford

Athens YMCA Triathlon, Athens, March 24

Marvin Dittfurth

BMI 5K, Conroe, March 24


                   Bill Thompson, Ken Johnson, Judy Hufsteter           Jan Parks

              and Robert Duncan

Run the Woodlands 5K, The Woodlands, March 24

Cathy, Casey and Steve Bickford

Armadillo Dash Half Marathon, College Station, March 4

Robert Duncan

Callye Bennett Joins the SHRC, March 4

Callye Bennett's payment of her membership dues to club treasurer,

Ken Johnson, is documented in this photo.  Hans Jaeger and

Jocelyn Shaw look on.

The Woodlands Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K, March 3


                        J. C. Guzman                                     Kaelin Thompson and Dawson Garner

John Slate


Sweetheart 5K, Huntsville, February 26


                          Blake Moreno and Emily Villines             Donna Fabian and Darren Grant


                       Glen Carter                                                   J. C. Guzman


                           Jacob Gautreaux                                         Jan Parks


                         Jose Moreno                                                 Mark Robinson


                   Matthew Fabian                                                 Elena Rodriquez and Darren Grant

Chick-Fil-A 5K, Spring, February 26

Robert Duncan

Austin Marathon and Half Marathon, February 19

Scholar Colbourn

Orphan Hope Trail Marathon, Huntsville State Park, February 11

Jocelyn Shaw, Becca Houts and Kristy Vienee

Sweethearts 5K, Huntsville, February 11


              Darren Grant and Courtney West                         Robert Duncan and Judy Hufstetler

Sunday Night 5K, The Woodlands, February 5


              Leah Koester                                                         Curtis Barton

Rocky Raccoon 100 & 50-Mile Trail Run, Huntsville State Park, Feb. 4


                    Volunteers, Jennifer and James Bruce                   Volunteer, Scholar Colbourn


                            Kristy Vienne and Courtney West                      Karen Felicidario

Bill Crews Remission Run, Conroe, January 28

Judy Hufstetler, Courtney West and Robert Duncan

Frost Your Fanny 5K, Huntsville, January 28


                Meredith Paul and Callye Bennett                       Katy and Shane DeVore

The Fabians and other kids


                   Jacob Gautreaux                                                     Darren Grant

Annual Club Awards for 2011

Most Placing in Races:  Robert Duncan and Courtney West
Most Miles Run in Races:  Ken Johnson and Rebecca Houts
Most Races Entered:  John Slate and Cathy Bickford
New Member:  Clayton Heald
They Take a Likkin and Keep on Tikkin:  Jerry Flanagan and True Cousins
Senior:  Skip Nethery
Volunteer  The Grant Family

Houston Marathon, January 15

The Spencers:  Cherish, Casey, Colleen, James, Crystal and Kerri


                      Craig Henderson                                                     J. C. Guzman


Updated: 11/23/2012